Polly Braden

Polly Braden

Polly Braden has been making new work in Shropshire and Warwickshire in collaboration with single mothers. Through photographs and interviews she highlights the actual lived experience of austerity and particularly universal credit, on single mothers, working in low paid jobs whilst bringing up children.

Her work is based on collaboration and representation and advocates for women. Polly’s research looks at the economic impact of government policy that has created hardship and injustices. The women she works with will be shown as hero’s not victims. They are photographed full of life, with their children, using small gestures and intricacies to highlight bonds and female strength.

Polly Braden is a documentary photographer whose work features an ongoing conversation between the people she photographs and the environment in which they find themselves. Highlighting the small, often unconscious gestures of her subjects, Polly particularly enjoys long-term, in depth collaborations that in turn lends her photographs a unique, quiet intimacy. Polly has produced a large body of work that includes not only solo exhibitions and magazine features, but most recently four books: Adventures in the Lea Valley (Hoxton Mini Press, 2016), Great Interactions: Life with Learning Disabilities and Autism (Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2016), Out of the Shadows: The Untold Story of People with Autism or Learning Disabilities (Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2018) alongside writer Sally Williams, and London’s Square Mile: A Secret City (Hoxton Mini Press, 2019.)


Caption: Lindsey. From the book Out of the Shadows: the Untold Story of People with Autism or Learning Disabilities. By Polly Braden

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