Generations by Julian Germain

In partnership with Multistory for Birmingham 2022 Festival part of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Game

Online Photo Café

SHOUT Festival, Holly Revell & Laura Chen, 18th November, 6PM, Zoom

Jonny Briggs


Vanessa Winship, Photographers Talk

25th November, 6 PM, Zoom, £3 / £5

De’Anne Crooks

GRAIN Bursary 2021

Picturing England’s High Streets – Historic England

A three year project which will deliver six photographer-in-residence programmes at six high street locations across England

Laura Dicken International Bursary

In partnership with New Art West Midlands, Galleri Image and Aarhus Billedkunstcenter

Anthony Luvera

A collaboration with people experiencing homelessness and SIFA Fireside

Rural: Commissions & Collaborations

10 projects commissioned in collaboration with rural communities across the Midlands

Arpita Shah

Shah’s project ‘Modern Muse’ will explore, represent and celebrate South Asian female identity across Birmingham and the wider region.

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