NEW NARRATIVES IN PHOTOGRAPHY : MAC, Birmingham, UK, WOW Festival at Alhamra Art Gallery and Tasweerghar, Lahore, Pakistan


An international collaboration between Tasweerghar (Lahore, Pakistan) and GRAIN Projects (Birmingham, UK), as part of the British Council Pakistan Arts Residency Grants Programme.

Exhibitions due to take place at MAC, Birmingham, UK from 8th February and at the WOW Festival at Alhamra Art Gallery and Tasweerghar, Lahore, Pakistan from 2nd March 2024.

GRAIN Projects (UK) and Tasweerghar (Pakistan) have announced the dates for two exhibitions taking place in celebration of New Narratives in Photography, part of the British Council Pakistan Arts Residency Grants Programme 2023-2024.

Artists Asad Ali Zulfiqar, Hira Noor, Ume Laila and Waleed Zafar, will be showing new work, made during the residency at MAC, (The Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham, UK) and at WOW Festival, at the Alhamra Gallery, followed by an exhibition at Tasweerghar.

The artists have taken part in an international mentoring programme, an exchange that included a visit to galleries and festivals in the UK, including the V&A Museum, London, The Photographers Gallery, London, BOP Festival, Bristol and IKON Gallery, Birmingham, all of which has contributed to the development of their practice and the inspiration for new work.

The four artists all have a unique and personal approach to photography, are ambitious in their work and have something to say about the world we live in. They come from a place of care, compassion and collaboration; their work is based on research and conversation and their artwork is of great relevance and interest, both as emerging practitioners in Pakistan, and to the photography scene internationally. The themes they explore include gender and identity, place making and diasporic and colonial heritage.

GRAIN and Tasweerghar are arts organisations that create new opportunities for diverse and emerging artists and photographers, supporting the development of skills and opportunities. In collaboration they will deliver a residency project that supports diverse and marginalised Pakistani artists curated in the context of prevalent themes including social justice, identity, gender, diaspora and home.

It is an enormous credit to the artists and the residency programme that the work will be shown at prestigious international venues, including the Women of the World Festival Pakistan, that celebrates women and their achievements in arts and culture.

Rabannia Shirjeel, Founder and CEO of Tasweerghar, said: “This year long art residency for photographers has been an exciting project for everyone involved. The British Council’s Arts Residency Grants offered a new level of exposure to the artists and collaborators. I am certain that this will open more local and international opportunities for artists and inspire them to take their practice forward. I look forward to presenting these projects to new audiences soon.”

Laila Jamil, Head of Arts at the British Council Pakistan, said: “Through our Arts Residency Grants Programme we have supported five projects which have engaged 32 artists in residencies across cities in the UK and Pakistan. This residency for photographers is one of the many exciting projects we have helped support and we look forward to the exhibitions in the UK and Pakistan.”

Image credit: Matti ka bertan hai, piyary, Matti ma mil jana hai, Friend, This Pot Made of Clay, Will Turn to Earth with its Final Play. Hira Noor, 2023

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