The State of Photography is our national photography symposium that is programmed in Birmingham as a biennial event. The symposium  provides  a platform to listen to those who are making new work, pioneering new discourse and critical perspectives while examining the contemporary world, delving into prevalent themes that affect our lives including the climate emergency, post Brexit politics, war, identity and community cohesion.

For each event we are joined by  acclaimed and outstanding photographers and guests to discuss what our world looks like, the rethinking that photography poses and the themes we consider during this  unsettling time.  Each have different approaches as we hear from those whose work is based on their own lived experience, who in a more closed and divided world have looked inside and at themselves as a starting point, putting their own experience and context front and central.
The role of photography is changing and caring, as experience, collaboration and social responsibility become the focus.  Photography can impart the greatest truth of our times and sheds light on injustices, inequality and other aspects of our lives and society.   It seems today –more essential than ever to explore the role that photography can play.

Those that have joined GRAIN for The State of Photography events include Anthony Luvera, Arpita Shah, Broomberg & Chanarin, Camilla Brown, Clare Hewitt, Jermaine Francis, Joanne Coates, Katy Barron, Lydia Goldblatt, Mark Neville, Maryam Wahid, Sam Laughlin, Daniel Meadows, Julian Germain, Clementine Schneidermann, John Hillman, Liz Wewiora, Anand Chhabra, Sam Ivin, Andrew Jackson, Edgar Martins, Kajal Nisha Patel, Michelle Sank, Peta Murphy (Arts Council England), Simon Constantine, David Birkitt, Tim Clark, Ángel Luis González, Louise Clements, Uncertain States Magazine, Lara Ratnaraja, Karen Newman, Faye Claridge.

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