Navi Kaur

Navi Kaur

Navi Kaur has been researching and working with restaurants set up and managed by Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani families across rural parts of the Midlands, with a particular interest in those in rural areas of the Peak District and Shropshire.

For decades, setting up restaurants has been an integral part of the South Asian diaspora experience in the UK and to capture these significantly important moments of shared culture, she has been working on a documentative film piece to share stories of successful South Asian businesses that have built positive relations within these rural areas.

With the film Navi will share perspectives on the migrant experience, and the importance of food, identity and culture, through the lens of running an independent South Asian restaurant within a rural and predominantly white areas of the country.

Navi Kaur (b. 1993) is an artist and educator based in Birmingham, UK.

Navi often makes work commenting on the migrant experience, specifically around journeys, environment, storytelling and documentary. Inspired by an archive of family photographs found in her grandparents’ home, she produces work in response to the lives they have built here in the U.K, encompassing their Sikh faith and daily regimes, working predominantly through the processes of digital photography, film and installation.

Navi works closely with her Budimom, Surinder, and Baba Ji, Karamjit (paternal grandparents), to better understand her own heritage and culture through feelings of displacement in organised environments and highlights the importance of celebrating cultural diversity through cross collaboration.

Image Credit: by Navi Kaur

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