Matthew Broadhead

Matthew Broadhead

Matthew Broadhead is a British photographer based in Southwest England (b.1994). In 2016, he graduated from the BA (Hons) Photography program at the University of Brighton and gained sustained recognition for his body of work A Space for Humans: The Moon on Earth. A Space for Humans was featured in The British Journal of Photography, Wallpaper*, The Exposed Issue 2 and Fisheye Vol 1.

Matthew has also been selected as a winner for awards from Magnum, Photoworks and Organ Vida. In late 2019, he graduated from the new MA Photography course at UWE Bristol with a new body of work titled The Sleeping Photographer.

Broadhead’s practice entails an engagement with photography as a critical medium and explores conjunctions between different subjects, notably geology; anthropology; history; folklore and mythology. His research in these areas is meant to influence how he interacts with subjects in a variety of contexts and the recording methodology used. Operating at the intersection between documentary and conceptual art, he is a storyteller who uses factual source material.

Broadhead is also a collector and dealer of nineteenth-century photography and conducts a great amount of research on this topic. In particular, he specialises in the life and work of his third great-grandfather Frederick William Broadhead.

Image Credit: by Matthew Broadhead

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