Decolonising The Gaze : Arpita Shah, Marywam Wahid, Nilupa Yasmin and Dr Caroline Molloy

Decolonising The Gaze

This online event was a continuation of GRAIN and The New Art Gallery Walsall’s co-curated exhibition, ‘Too Rich A Soil,’ which was exhibited at the NAGW gallery during November 2019.

The exhibition showcased new works dealing with themes of identity and representation from three British artists of South Asian descent: Arpita Shah, Maryam Wahid, and Nilupa Yasmin. Originally planned as an in-person symposium, this session was rescheduled as an online event due to the Covid pandemic. Each artist presented their work and participated in  significant discussions concerning the politics of representation. The symposium was moderated and chaired by artist, writer and academic Dr. Caroline Molloy. 

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