Celebrating Age : A Collaboration with Lench's Trust & Kate Peters

Celebrating Age

We are collaborating with the Lench’s Trust and photographers Kate Peters and Stephen
Burke on a new project.

GRAIN Projects is working with older people in three residential homes and in collaboration with the Lench’s Trust to engage with older people in Birmingham, using photography to celebrate and tell
stories of families, achievements and unique life stories. Through the collaboration with residents at
Lench’s Trust housing schemes in Quinton, Moseley, and Sutton the project will also tell the history
and story of Birmingham.

The project is being made possible by support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund. ‘Celebrating Age’ has been awarded a grant of £5.500 which will enable the people’s photographs and stories to be developed as an archive, an exhibition and publication.

Everyone has a story to tell, and the project will provide a dynamic, visual story of people’s lives through portraiture and family archives. As well as workshops to share the participant’s photographs, keepsakes, memories and photo collections, photographer Kate Peters will be commissioned to create new portraits that celebrate age and commemorate the Lench’s Trust.

The visual heritage that is discovered and shared will include community histories, from the early
1900s through to the present day, with images of families, descendants, momentous occasions, small
personal moments, work, industry, weddings, birthdays, new homes, new babies, all celebrating the
residents and their homes in the city.

‘Celebrating Age’ is a partnership with the Lench’s Trust, generously supported by The National
Lottery Heritage Fund.

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