Daniel Dale : Bursary

Daniel Dale

Daniel Dale is an artist and publisher inspired by ’Nonsense’ who has recently completed an MA in Photography at the University of the West of England. His work strikes a balance between sensible meaning and no meaning at all as he carefully scrutinises his everyday surroundings. Trying to find answers to questions that haven’t been asked yet, recurring motifs of colour, form and content stretch the imagination and pull together seemingly straightforward threads into abstract knots, asking the spectator to become a participant. Currently working on an ongoing project about ‘Happiness’, Dale has also created ’Nonsense Books’, a small self-publishing venture that presents his own work, as well as others who work along similar lines.

‘Happiness’ is open to everyone and submissions of your invitations are invited. Please upload your photographs by emailing email@whatishappiness.co.uk We all experience happiness in different ways and our experiences have changed during Covid-19, lockdown and our experience of social distancing. The photographs you share should represent what happiness now means to you. The website is not curated and all photographs will be included and displayed at random.

Visit www.whatishappiness.co.uk


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