Freddy Griffiths : Bursary

Freddy Griffiths

Freddy Griffiths cultivates a diverse photographic practice centred around a personal archive, comprised of personally authored photographs and other ephemeral imagery. He uses this archive to explore new narrative scenarios for the viewing of physical photographs. Recently this has led to a number of site specific architectural installations, utilising purpose made tables, containers and lighting.

His interests in this area have been framed by a spatial concept of photographic knowledge, utilising fictionalised and misleading elements to decide on edits for exhibition. Griffiths is keen on exploring chance outcomes through audience participation as a future means of furthering iterations of his archive. He lives and works in Nottingham.

Freddy is making a short film using still images dealing directly with the economic fallout of Covid-19. He is focussing on perceived notions of a populous ‘addicted to furlough’, as coined by a leak from Whitehall to The Times. This statement exposes a deep ideological anxiety within government regarding the bailout of Britain’s workers. Perhaps offering some insight into how Covid-19 will cast a long shadow into our political future. The perception of large swathes of the population apparently enjoying endless leisure time on lock down is completely at odds with the neurotic reality. Freddy is interviewing furloughed workers and the film will include an audio narrative consisting of fragmented interviews with furloughed workers. This will be paired with a stream of imagery drawn from his archive.

Image Credit: Installation View, One Thoresby Street, 2020. Freddy Griffiths

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