Chris Hoare : Bursary

Chris Hoare

Chris Hoare is a photographer based in his hometown of Bristol, UK. It is in Bristol where he also works at the Martin Parr Foundation and has competed an MA at the University of the West of England.

Within his personal work he is interested in areas of society that he feels are overlooked, interested in exploring themes of identity and place.

Chris began his new work by thinking about the term ‘keyworker’ and how during the pandemic the phrase is now part of our national consciousness. NHS workers have had the spotlight shone on their contributions but others have remained unresected or unseen. Focusing on waste disposal workers who worked relentlessly throughout lockdown to clean streets and public spaces, and yet can face social stigma, Chris has made a series of portraits and photographs that show the expertise, camaraderie and nobility of the workers, engaging them in conversation over a long term and meeting them during their breaks. The work highlights their contribution to the environment and to keeping our public spaces clean and safe.

Image Credit: Chris Hoare.

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