New Narratives : Collaboration with Tasweerghar (Pakistan) and Pathshala (Bangladesh) part of Transforming Narratives

New Narratives

Photographic artists Nilupa Yasmin and Thanya Mavish (Birmingham, UK) and Waleed Zafar (Lahore, Pakistan) and Samsul Alam Helal (Dhaka, Bangladesh) took part in a international digital artist exchange, supported by Transforming Narratives.

GRAIN Projects worked with partners Tasweerghar (Pakistan’s first and only space dedicated to photography) and Pathshala Institute (the South Asia Media Institute specialising in visual arts in Bangladesh) to create this opportunity as part of Transforming Narratives, supported by the British Council.

Find out about the project and the artists involved in this Digital Zine:

Click on the bottom right to see the zine full screen. Download the zine to print at home here.

The Zine was designed by Mark Murphy

Image Credit: Nilupa Yasmin & Samsul Alam Helal


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