What would you say : by Andrew Roberts, COVID-19 Responses

What would you say

Andrew Roberts is a documentary photographer based in Birmingham. Supported by a bursary award Andrew told the story of his elderly neighbours most of whom were shielding and felt isolated during lockdown and Covid. The themes of community and togetherness are strong in his work.

What would you say
by Andrew Roberts

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Project Statement 

Documenting the neighbours he visited during Covid lockdown and 2020 Andrew created thoughtful and engaging images that give you an insight into their lives and lifestyles. Faces of the older generation say so much about lives lived, experiences had and places occupied. The world can feel like a very scary and alienating place, all heightened by the pandemic. Andrew’s work highlights that its easy to forget people who are alone and who are living isolated lives as they shelter for safety.

His photographs are a reminder of the people and places that we walk past but do not engage with, the faces we consider less and the locations we neglect because of unassuming familiarity.

About the Artist

Andrew Roberts is a photographer based in Birmingham. He is interested in social documentary and in giving a voice to those who are over looked or not heard.


Image Credit: Andrew Roberts

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