‘Where Can I Find This?’ Nilupa Yasmin : Residency & Exhibition, September 2019 PhotoFusion, London

‘Where Can I Find This?’ Nilupa Yasmin

One of the prominent ways to bring people together is the local market. Community life
is something that is both cherished and celebrated, market life can be the heart of a
town. This project celebrates the union of people who attend the markets as well as
those who make their livelihood from them.

Stories hidden in these stalls, their owners and the histories; are all part of what makes
this body of work come together. A community is made by its people as much as it is by
its surroundings.

Nilupa Yasmin uses weaving as a process to bring together her own perception whilst
becoming a part of these stories. Weaving has clear ties to community gathering and a
long history of bringing people together through technique, time and workmanship.
Brought together to tell the tales of the market.

During September Yasmin will be working with the market in Brixton and with the people
that trade and shop there to create a new piece of work. Spending time with the market
traders, residents and customers the work will be made in the gallery, with visitors able
to meet her and engage in her process. This residency is a GRAIN Projects and
PhotoFusion collaboration.

At the same time as the residency PhotoFusion will be exhibiting work made by Yasmin
in the markets in West Bromwich. This work was commissioned by Multistory, as part
of Blast Photo Festival 2019.

Nilupa Yasmin’s work is primarily lens based, while taking a keen interest in the notion
of culture, self-identity and anthropology. Combined with her love for handcraft and
photographic explorations, the artist repeatedly draws upon her own South Asian
culture and heritage. The practice of weaving, passed down through inheritance, has
become an integral exploration in the development and expression of human value. Her
research examines the principles of craft in art-based practice; becoming an evident
methodology shown throughout her work whilst investigating ideals and traditions that
are very close to home.

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