Online Photo Café : Attilio Fiumarella, Chris Hoare, Kirsty Mackay, 15th April, 6PM, Zoom

Online Photo Café

Photo Café is an informal discussion and meeting place, an event that invites speakers and participants to discuss ideas, debate topics around contemporary photography issues and network with others. The event is for photographers, artists with a photographic practice, students and general public with an interest in the subject.

Photo Café will feature photographers and artists talking about their work, ideas, audiences and engagement. Due to Covid-19 our programme of talks and conversations will take place on line, via Zoom, you can book your free place via the links below, an email with the link to join the Zoom meeting will be sent out to attendees prior to the talks taking place.

Photo Café with Attilio Fiumarella, Chris Hoare, Kirsty Mackay
15 April, 6PM, Zoom
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For this special Photo Café event we have invited photographers Attilio Fiumarella, Chris Hoare and Kirsty Mackay to discuss the process of photo book publishing. All of the speakers are in the process of or have currently published new books, they will present their projects and the event will be a platform to discuss the publishing process.

Attilio Fiumarella:
Attilio Fiumarella is a photographic artist interested in exploring social landscapes, identity and memory. Born in Italy, he studied architecture in Portugal and fully immersed himself in photography during the time he lived in England.

Attilio’s practice draws from documentary and architectural photography, as well as sculpture, painting and other medias. Attilio was the winner of Portrait of Humanity 2020 , which is promoted by The British Journal of Photography in collaboration with Magnum photo. He has also been the finalist of the Aesthetica Art Prize and the Head On Portrait Prize.

In 2018, Attilio was awarded a grant from the Art Council England for his project on British Identity. The resulting book, British Subject, was nominated for the UNSEEN Dummy Award in Amsterdam and for the FUAM Dummy Book Award in Istanbul.

Attilio has been commissioned work by The Guardian, L’OBS, Die Welt, We Demain and the Financial Times. His work has been displayed across Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and in Space.

Attilio is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Chris Hoare
Chris Hoare is a photographic artist born in Bristol, 1989. It is in his hometown where he continues to work, both as an image maker and in the gallery at the Martin Parr Foundation. In 2019 he completed an MA in Photography at University West of England.

Within his personal work he is interested in areas of society that he feels are overlooked, interested in exploring themes of identity and place. He is increasingly drawn to ‘speculative documentary’, excited by the possibilities that come with telling visual stories in a loose metaphorical way.

Kirsty Mackay
Kirsty Mackay is an artist, educator, activist and filmmaker. She primarily uses documentary photography to record the social issues of our times and to challenge stereotypes surrounding gender and class. She has an MA in Documentary photography from University of South Wales, Newport. Her current book project The Fish That Never Swam, considers class and discrimination against working-class people. Combining first-person narratives with photographs, it takes Glasgow as a case study, looking at the root causes of the city’s poor health outcomes and lower life expectancy. Examining the relationship between the environment, government policy, historical trauma, and public health. It shifts the emphasis from individual life style choices to the effects that political policies have on our bodies. It will be published as a book in 2021.

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