Online Photo Café : Elisa Moris Vai, Lesia Maruschak, Vera Hadzhiyska, Richard Mark Rawlins, 27th May, 6PM, Zoom

Online Photo Café

Photo Café is an informal discussion and meeting place, an event that invites speakers and participants to discuss ideas, debate topics around contemporary photography issues and network with others. The event is for photographers, artists with a photographic practice, students and general public with an interest in the subject.

Photo Café will feature photographers and artists talking about their work, ideas, audiences and engagement. Due to Covid-19 our programme of talks and conversations will take place on line, via Zoom, you can book your free place via the links below, an email with the link to join the Zoom meeting will be sent out to attendees prior to the talks taking place.

Photo Café with Elisa Moris Vai, Lesia Maruschak, Vera Hadzhiyska, Richard Mark Rawlins
27th May, 6PM, Zoom
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This Photo Cafe curated by artist Elisa Moris Vai will gather contemporary photographers for whom History is a substrate for creation.

Why and how do they address specific parts of History will be the focus of the evening. From research to the choice of mediums, from ethics to representation, travelling across personal and collective narratives, this talk will give you an insight into four different perspectives, highlighting key questions which intersect with History as a photographic matter.

Elisa Moris Vai
Elisa Moris Vai is an emerging artist based in Lille (France) working with lens-based media, who produce research-driven work. Her practice is characterized by the inventive use of performative strategies and the intersection of documentary and fiction.

History, memory, and social representations are at the core of her work.

With her recent project ‘National Narrative’, she focuses on the legacies of slave trade in hexagonal France, highlighting young descendants of enslaved men and women.

Moris Vai was awarded the Panel’s choice of the Photo Oxford Open Call 2020 and was shortlisted for the Open 20 Solo Award of Photofringe festival. Her work has been shown in venues across Europe (Noorderlicht festival (NL), Photofringe festival (UK), Ovada Gallery (Oxford, UK) and Les Passerelles art center, Pontaut-Combault (FR)) and has been featured in Photomonitor and The Guardian.

She has an MA in Performing Arts (Free University of Brussels / Free University of Berlin) and a BA in Photography (EFET School of Photography, Paris).

Lesia Maruschak
Lesia Maruschak overlays and reconfigures traditional notions of imagery, often using the medium of photography as the subject itself. Her work frequently explores marginalized histories and notions of cultural identity.  Blurring the lines between painting and photography, imagery and objecthood, physical and digital her work volleys between historical traditions and unconventional methods. Photographs expand to digital forms and digital forms are presented in two dimensions, using the processes of experimentation and learning with new techniques and technologies.  Her diverse strategies such as  hand sculpturing photographs, embedding paper with digital technology, and inserting herself into her work as a rückenfigur subsumed in the grandeur of the Canadian landscape, anonymous, without identity, are the foci of her practice as she continues to explore making and being in relation to her lived experience.

Born in 1961 in Saskatoon, Canada Maruschak currently works and lives between Alvena and Ottawa. She holds an MA from the University of Saskatchewan, and a MBA from the University of Ottawa. Her works are represented in the collections of The National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Thomas Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, Boston Athenaeum in Boston, City of Ottawa Art Collection in Ottawa, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Duke University in Durham, Green Library-Special Collections at Stanford University in Stanford, Rare Books & Special Collections at the Library of Congress in Washington, Butler Library-Special Collections at Columbia University in New York, among many others. Maruschak is also the founder of the newly formed MENEZVUT Collective, a group of indigenous and non-indigenous Canadian artists, some emerging and some of Canada’s most celebrated, manifesting their individual and co-created responses, to the decolonization of Canadian history, and the ensuing trauma.

Vera Hadzhiyska
Vera Hadzhiyska is a Bulgarian multi-disciplinary artist and curator based in England. She has a Master’s degree in Photography from the University of Portsmouth. Her practice is informed by the study of migration, cultural and national identity, history and collective memory. Her work begins autobiographically, tracing family narratives and shared traumas. Through photography, archival documents, audio and video installations Vera examines historical and political events in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, their impact on people’s lives and identity.

She has exhibited internationally across the United Kingdom, France, Bulgaria and Greece. Her work was selected for Aspex Emergency exhibition which will take place in 2021. Recent exhibitions include Fabrica In Between Gallery, Brighton, UK (2021); Circulation(s) Festival, Paris, FR (2020); Four Corners Gallery, London, UK (2019); Night/Plovdiv Festival, Plovdiv, BG (2019). Her work has been featured in Musee Magazine, Source Magazine, Calvert Journal, Loupe Magazine, Photograd, Then There Was Us, among others.

Richard Mark Rawlins
(b.1967), Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, currently lives and works in Hastings, UK. A graduate of the Royal College of Art’s print programme (2019), Rawlins’ research takes a transnational approach to the “pop-cultural” poetics and politics of life in the Caribbean, the contested and resultant histories/realities of colonialism and it’s transpontine consequence, black identity and diaspora politics.

Rawlins’ work has featured in The Human Touch: Making Art, Leaving Traces, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 2021; Ingram Prize 2020; Wells Art Contemporary 2020; Photofringe 2020; The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2020; We Are More Than a Moment (2020) Gallery-51, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, USA curated by Genevieve Gaignard; Get Up Stand Up Now, Somerset House, London, UK (2019), “Eyes of Many Kinds”, CGP Galleries, London, UK (2019); “Transoceanic Visual Exchange 2019”, Cache Space, Beijing, China and The Barbados Museum and Historical Society; “OVERPR!NT, AG!TATE, ACT!VATE”, Museum Centre de la Gravure et de l’image imprimée, La Louvière, Belgium (2018); “Most things Happen When I Am Asleep”, ARTSPACE NZ, Auckland, New Zealand (2018); “Digital”, National Gallery, Jamaica (2015); the “Jamaica Biennial” (2014) and the “Global Africa Project”, Museum of Art and Design (MAD), New York, USA (2010). He is a past artist resident of the Vermont Studio Center, USA (2012).

Rawlins’ work has been acquired by the Wedge Curatorial Collection, Toronto; AMBA Collection, London, the Soho House Art Collection, London and the Art Collection of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain.

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