Online Photo Café : The Other - 18th November, 6PM, Zoom

Online Photo Café

Photo Café is an informal discussion and meeting place, an event that invites speakers and participants to discuss ideas, debate topics around contemporary photography issues and network with others. The event is for photographers, artists with a photographic practice, students and general public with an interest in the subject.

Photo Café will feature photographers and artists talking about their work, ideas, audiences and engagement. Due to Covid-19 our programme of talks and conversations will take place on line, via Zoom, you can book your free place via the links below, an email with the link to join the Zoom meeting will be sent out to attendees prior to the talks taking place.

The Other

18t November, 6PM
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The other, invite you to talk about class. Kelly O’Brien, Joanne Coates and Kirsty Mackay co-founded The Other photography collective to raise awareness, using an intersectional approach to class discrimination, within photography in the UK. This event will give an introduction to each of their practice, their experiences navigating an exclusive industry and their plans for change. You’ll be invited to speak of your own experience and join in for a warm and open conversation. Pour yourself a drink, bring your own cuppa and let’s bring compassion into the shifting landscape of photography and representation.

Send questions in advance via Twitter @the__other_ 

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Past speakers include; Maryam Wahid, Camilla Brown, East Meets West, Multistory, Jaskirt Boora, Jagdish Patel, Liz Wewiora, Anthony Luvera, Rachel Barker, Sam Ivin, Mark Murphy, Andy Pilsbury, Nilupa Yasmin, Emma Case, Rob Hewitt, Living Memory Project, Adam Neal, Emily Jones, Andrew Jackson, Atillio Fiumarella, Max Kandhola, Faye Claridge, Tom Hicks, Charisse Kenion, Gunhild Thomson, Marcus Thurman, James Abelson, Leanne O’Connor, Lucy Turner, Leah Hickey, Laura Chen, Amanda Holdom, Tia Lloyd, Anand Chhabra, Claire Hewitt, Beth Kane, Chris Neophytou, Jonny Bark, Fraser McGee, Peta Murphy, Red Eye, Duck Rabbit, Lilly Wales, Matthew Finn, Walter Rothwell, Richard Lambert, Anneka French, Caroline Molloy, Tarla Patel and Mark Wright.



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