EAST MEETS WEST : Masterclass Programme, in partnership with FORMAT / QUAD


EAST MEETS WEST is a national professional development programme for photographers devised and delivered by GRAIN Projects  and FORMAT International Photography Festival.   It is supported by Quad, Derby, Birmingham City University and Derby University. 

2022/23 was the last iteration.  Further news about the 2024/25 EAST MEETS WEST programme will follow soon.  .

The masterclass programme is  designed for UK-based emerging photographers, providing professional development, inspiration, guidance, and support in a collaborative learning environment to enable participants to develop their practice, networks, and new unique opportunities. The programme offers a platform for photographers to receive guidance and participate in focused discussions that contribute to their creative practice and career development.

EAST MEETS WEST operates an Open Call submission, is delivered online and in person and requires a small financial contribution from each participant.   Past participants have included; Anna Sellen, Amber Banks Brumby, Andy Fell, Chiara Zandona, Emily Ryalls, Ismail Khokon, James Cunliffe, Kat Young, Liliana Zaharia, Louise Taylor, Paul Railton, Ruby Nixon, Rebecca Davis, Ryan Gear, Shona Morgan, Zula Rabikowska, Clare Hewitt, Simona Ciocarlan, Maryam Wahid, Emma Case, Leah Band, Adam Bennett, Caitriona Dunnett, Cheryl Newman, Camille Relet, Ed Sykes, Susanne Hakuba, Pippa Healy, Phil Hill, Christian Jago, Phillipa Klaiber, Elena Kollatou and Leonidas Toumpanos, Nieves Mingueza, Zara Pears, Nat Wilkins, Mandy Williams, Sofia Yala, Wing Ka Ho Jimmi, Mitchell Moreno, Sammie Masters-Hopkins, Tamsin Green, Nicola Morley, Marley Starskey Butler, Mark Hobbs, Lucy Turner, Laura Dicken, Joseph Allen Keys, Jacqui Booth, Emily Jones, Andy Pilsbury, Fraser McGee, Susana de Dios, Anand Chhabra, Oliver Tooke, Tristan Poyser, Jonny Bark, Ilona Denton, Hazel Simcox, Thomas Wynne, Simon Burrows, Philip Singleton, Luke Williams, Luca Crawford-Bailey.

The masterclasses are  led by industry and artform experts  who share their knowledge and practical advice on developing a successful career. They have included; Amak Mahmoodian, Clare Hewitt, Alejandro Acin, Mariama Attah, Monica Allende, Revolv Collective, Simona Ciocarlan, Tom Lovelace, Anthony Luvera, Andrew Jackson, Vincent Hasselbach, Peta Murphy, Mahtab Hussain, Abbas Zahedi, Natasha Caruana, Colin Pantall, Louise Fedotov-Clements, Mathew Murray, Michael Sargeant, Kate Peters, Bindi Vora, Maryam Wahid, Emma Case.

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