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This photo was taken on my Parent's wedding day at the end of WW2. Dad was 29 my Mum was just 19. According to family lore they only met 6 weeks before their marriage, they remained devoted until Dad's death. My paternal Grandparents and their 3 sons moved from Cornwall to Stirchley in Birmingham during the 1920's. My Mum came from a small village in Northumberland and met my Dad during the 2nd world war. She came to live with my Dad's family when they married in the October following the end of the war. Mum loved Birmingham and always felt proud to be considered a Brummie, she attempted to lose her Geordie accent after being teased about how she pronounced 'eight'. Strangely, as she grew older and just before she passed away her Northern accent became more pronounced again. My Nan had a Cornish accent and a very distinguished way of saying 'eggs', all these years later I can still remember how she sounded. Grandad was gentle and quiet. There house was next to a railway embankment, the train drivers used to wave to me when I was small girl. I wasn't born until nine years after this photos was taken but it has the power to summon up happy childhood memories of the many times I spent in this same garden with those I loved, my family.

Sat in the middle of the front row are my parents Evelyn and Kenneth. My paternal grandparents Reginald and Florence Phillips are on either side of my mum and dad. The boy sat on the grass at the front is my cousin Peter, an artist who now lives in Australia. Directly behind my mum is Peter's mum, Aunt Madge who was married to my dad's eldest brother Jack. Stood beside Madge to the left the tall man is my dad's lifelong and childhood friend Ernie. Dad and Ernie served in the armed forces together during WW2. I'm unsure who the elderly couple are to the right of the frame stood at the back nor who the four people are on the left.
1945, In my Grandparent's back garden in The Worthings, Stirchley, Birmingham
In my Grandparent's back garden in The Worthings, Stirchley, Birmingham, 1945
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