WAR was never my CHOICE : by Mark Neville and the Ukrainian Youth Art Group

WAR was never my CHOICE

GRAIN Projects have worked in collaboration with Centrala and with young people from Ukraine, who had settled in Birmingham, shortly after the outbreak of the war. Over a span of six months the young people worked with internationally acclaimed and Ukraine based artist Mark Neville, and alongside Stephen Burke, attending workshops, making images and reflecting on their  experiences of leaving their homes in search of safety.

The resulting photographs, projections, and text were curated into an installation that was open to audiences in July 2023 at  Centrala’s gallery in Birmingham.  The young participants were present to discuss their artwork.

The young people taking part developed their photography and creative skills and were able to participate together in a safe space to discuss and make work on sensitive and personal topics. The themes explored encompassed home, place, identity, hope, pride, and separation.

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