The Chronicles of Lockdown : by Robyn Clark, COVID-19 Responses

The Chronicles of Lockdown

Robyn Clark is a digital artist from Stoke-on-Trent, she engages still photography and moving image to amplify themes around identity, anthropology and social commentary.

Influenced by her childhood growing up with performing artist parents, she employs DIY methods to her works by creating her own set, props and costumes.

The Chronicles of lockdown focuses on the toxicity of a social media echo-chamber, Robyn has devised three hyperbolic characters which represent a connotation of lockdown through the lens of social media.

The Chronicles of Lockdown
by Robyn Clark

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Project Statement
During lockdown I wanted to maintain a balanced composure and state of mind and became aware of the challenges of Covid 19 on our health and wellbeing. I created a series of photographs which reflect on my journey throughout lockdown and which many will relate to. The experience is told through three extreme characters that I have created and performed for the camera. One relates to body image and the pressure of social media perfection, another to the extreme viewpoints of individuals and increased divisive polarisation of politics and the third to consumer culture and the need for retail to improve individual status as well as its impact on health and wellbeing.

About the Artist
Robyn Clark is an emerging artist who graduated with a BA Hons in Fashion Photography
from Falmouth University. She makes photographic and digital artworks and is inspired by
her background in performance art and contemporary theatre. Through film and
photography she amplifies the themes around identity, anthropology and social commentary.
She is interested in class and employs DIY methods to emulate high fashion productions
and to perform for the camera.

Image Credit: Robyn Clark

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