Anthony Luvera : A collaboration with people experiencing homelessness and SIFA Fireside

Anthony Luvera

GRAIN are working with leading Birmingham based charity SIFA Fireside and have commissioned artist, writer and educator Anthony Luvera to work with their client group to create new work.  Luvera is a socially engaged practitioner who has collaborated with people who have experienced homelessness for over fifteen years. The long-term collaborative projects he creates with homeless people and other community groups have been exhibited widely in galleries, museums and public spaces.

Luvera is working in Birmingham for the first time, collaborating with people who have experienced homelessness living in Birmingham. Creating this new body of work with the clients of SIFA Fireside, the main access point to support and services for vulnerably housed and homeless adults in the city, will enable participants to use photography to express the things they are interested in and present their points of view.

Luvera’s interdisciplinary approach is committed to the process of collaboration.  His concern and advocacy for confronting the politics of representation have been part of an increased practice of and dialogue with socially engaged and community art – to emphasise the importance of self representation among marginalised individuals.

The photography made with clients will be exhibited and published in 2021.

Thank you to Galliard Homes for sponsoring the project.

Image credit: Assisted Self-Portrait of Mauvette Reynolds by Anthony Luvera

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