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02 02 2015

5 PLUS 5

The Photographers’ Wall

Exhibition: 25th February 2015 – 29th April 2015

5 PLUS 5 showcases the work of ten emerging photographic artists; Five photographers who are based in the Midlands and five who are based in Madrid.

The selected artists are; David Sheperd, Dean O’Brien, Lauren Spencer, Nicola Onions and Oscar Parasiego, and from Madrid; Angela Losa, Anna Fawcus, Eoin Moylan, Inge Trienekens, and Juan Pablo Fassi.

The projects shown in this exhibition orbit around themes such as memory, identity, space, the human condition and eternal subjects in the field of photographic creation. All the emerging practitioners selected to take part in this exhibition exchange use highly contemporary language and represent a new generation of globally connected artists that use the camera as one of many technological tools for image creation.

Moritz Neumüller (Linz, Austria, 1972) is a curator, educator and writer in the field of Photography and New Media. He holds a Masters Degree in Art History and a PhD degree in Information Management and has worked for several important art institutions, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, PhotoEspaña in Madrid and LOOP in Barcelona. Neumüller is currently working as Festival Curator at PhotoIreland in Dublin, and directing a study program called European Master of Fine Art Photography for the Istituto di Design in Madrid. In 2009, Moritz Neumüller founded ArteConTacto, a project aimed at exploring art through all the senses, in order to provide access for all visitors, including the visually impaired. Since 2010, he runs the The Curator Ship, a platform that provides useful information for visual artists.

As a curator, Moritz is interested in contemporary work made by photographers and media artists from around the world, especially documentary, social and conceptual work.

5 plus 5 was exhibited at the Altamira Palace Gallery, IED Madrid in November 2014 and at will feature on The Photographers’ Wall, Library of Birmingham in Spring 2015 (25th February – 29th April 2015)

Credit: © Oscar Parasiego 2014


Andrew Lacon and Stuart Whipps are interested in the relationships between the new libraries of Guangzhou and Birmingham. Both cities have recently built iconic new libraries and have an official Memorandum of Understanding.

The artists intend to interrogate the shared and divergent histories of the 2 cities, and will explore a series of complex relationships: The relationship between the materials of the former and current buildings, the similarities and differences that exist between the material housed in the two libraries, and the relationships between the people of the respective cities and their former and present libraries and collections.

The artists are currently researching and making a number of formal studies in the studio in the UK before they fly out to Guangzhou in November for an intense period of research and production. They will be making and exhibiting new work in Guangzhou Library throughout the duration of their stay.

This international Artists Exchange and Exhibition is supported by British Council, Arts Council England, Guangzhou Library and Library of Birmingham

01 10 2014

EMPIRE: Jon Tonks

Empire is a fascinating journey across the South Atlantic exploring life on four remote islands – the British Overseas Territories of Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha, the Falkland Islands and St Helena – relics of the once formidable British Empire, all intertwined through their shared history.

Jon Tonks began the project in 2007, spending up to a month at a time in each territory, travelling 60,000 miles around the Atlantic via military outposts, low-lit airstrips and a long voyage aboard the last working Royal Mail Ship. Some 400 rolls of film, 24 flights and 32 days at sea later, the resulting work creates an insight into these distant places that resonate with a sense of Britishness which is remarkably recognisable yet inescapably strange. Jon photographed the people, the landscapes and the traces of the past embedded within each territory.

Since completing the project in 2013, he published the book ‘Empire’ through Dewi Lewis publishing. The book contains four chapters looking at each island visited. Through short texts that accompany the pictures, the book combines history and anecdote, telling the story of these remote and remarkable islands, with a curiosity about the lives of these distant lands that remain very firmly British.

As part of this touring exhibition the Library of Birmingham will be exhibiting works in vitrines that show the development of the project, from ephemera collected over the journeys around the Atlantic, to contact sheets from some of the 400 rolls of film shot, through to the 8-sheet prints of the book prior to its binding.

Photographs from the book are being exhibited at the Arena Gallery, mac Birmingham from October 18th 2014 until January 4th 2015.

The touring photography exhibition of Jon Tonks’ Empire was commissioned and co-produced by mac Birmingham, the Library of Birmingham, Ffotogallery, Cardiff and Impressions Gallery, Bradford.


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