The Last Seven Words of Christ & The Gaze I-VII (Illustration of Life) by Max Kandhola

The Last Seven Words of Christ & The Gaze I-VII (Illustration of Life) by Max Kandhola

13th March 2013 - 15th April 2013

The Church of St Martin in the Bull Ring, Birmingham

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Installation at The Church of St Martin in the Bull Ring, Birmingham
13th March – 15th April 2013, workshops on Thursdays throughout the exhibition.
Opening times Monday – Saturday 1000-1630 Sunday 0900 -1900

In a world grown sceptical, hardened beneath the inevitable progress of knowledge, these photographs of two dying men provide a contemporary veronica, a cloth imprinted with the likeness of ‘truth’; the truth of a world where the solid is revealed once again as quicksand, a shifting space where the borders between life and death flow into each other, and where the body is a porous container for the light that dwells within.

Kandhola’s father reaches out to the viewer in an ocular embrace, his gaze penetrating our being with an intensity that is almost physical. There is no need for words to inspire and reanimate the memory, for here is a gaze of such intensity that it reaches across time to draw us in, allowing us to share in this intimate moment, a celebration of life rather than the apparent finality of death. Revd Dr Richard Davey, Visiting Fellow Nottingham Trent University

During the exhibition Max Kandhola will present a number of workshops reflecting upon his work, The Last Seven Words of Christ & The Gaze I-VII.

The seven lecterns, positioned within The Church of St Martin in the Bull Ring, will be the starting point for the workshops in response to the 5 senses; sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, reflecting upon the ideas of five stages of grieving by Kubler Ross. These comprise Denial, Anger, Depression, Acceptance and Healing.

Participants are asked to bring small intimate items of personal possession such as photographs, writings or material objects that relate to their memories applicable to the workshop titles. This will help them get the most out of these sessions, all of which are free.

Thursday 21st March 1400-1600: Reflections on Sight & Hearing

Thursday 28th March 1400-1600: Reflection and response to Smell, Taste & Touch

Thursday 04th April 1400-1600: Reflecting upon our Denial, Anger and Depression

Thursday 11th April 1400-1600: Reflecting and Responding to our Acceptance and Healing

For more info call St Martin’s on 0121 600 6020.

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