The Heath Town Project – Photographs by Jack Nelson and David Shepherd

The Heath Town Project – Photographs by Jack Nelson and David Shepherd

18th June 2013 - 12th July 2013

Light House Media Centre, Wolverhapton


Heathfield Park Local Neighbourhood Partnership has collaborated with Dr Peter Day, Senior Lecturer in Art and Design, University of Wolverhampton, and photography students, Jack Nelson and David Shepherd. The Heath Town Project is a photographic archive of some of the people living and working in Heath Town, Wolverhampton in 2013. The Heath Town Project explores the idea that individuals in any  one community are inextricably linked to and judged alongside the people whom they live with and amongst, and aims to create an alternate view.  These images and their accompanying stories are an introduction to the personalities and identities of the individual inhabitants of Heath Town, a small yet diverse area of Wolverhampton.  Rich in migrants and the inner city working classes, Heath Town is home to people from no fewer than 46 countries, as well as a deep and vibrant community of elders.

These portraits seem to have an ethnographic quality, in that they are a means to represent the culture of a people: the people of Heath Town, but they are ultimately about how identity is created and defined, often by others.  These images are momentary, yet simultaneously timeless.  They are a display of that which is little-documented.  They make visible that which is often invisible to history: the lives and times of individuals, the ordinary alongside the extraordinary.

A privateview of this exhibition will take place on Thursday 20th  June, from 6-8pm on the Balcony.

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