Shooting Architectural Photography : A Master Class

Shooting Architectural Photography : A Master Class

27th April 2013

Calumet Birmingham, Edgbaston

Event Speaker: Richard Southall

Number of Seats: 15

Cost: 120.00 GBP including VAT

Duration: 10 :00 am – 16:00 pm

Shooting Architectural Photography : A Master Class

A master class in architectural photography to be undertaken a location near to the local branch of Calumet by one of the UK’s leading practitioners. The session has designed to build on the basics covered in the introductory course but this time has a much greater concentration on the technical aspects of this genre.

The session will include a classroom session followed by a practical workshop. Areas of discussion to be included in the workshop will be:

  • Selection of equipment
  • Shoot Planning & location management
  • Colour management
  • Tethered Shooting
  • Correct use of shift lens and large format cameras
  • Composition
  • Post Production – Lightroom 3/4 & Photoshop CS6

Lunch to be included

About Richard

Richard is a prominent nationwide architectural and interiors photographer who has been producing images to the leisure, retail, residential and constructions industries for over 23 years. He is a qualified college lecturer and a member of the Association of Photographers.

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