Beyond surface and material:

Beyond surface and material:

14th September 2013 - 9th November 2013

Rugby Art Gallery & Museum, Rugby


Beyond surface and material: The meeting point between photography and textiles.

The exhibition ‘Beyond Surface and Material: the meeting point between photography and textiles’ brings together works both established and emerging artists to highlight art work that is created in the grey space’between’.  Between photography and textiles, between creating the image and manipulating the image, between the flat plain of the surface and the disrupted textured surface, between the solid and the ephemeral.

When Marlene Little approached us with the idea of the exhibition we found it very intriguing.  Rugby Art Gallery and Museum has a clear commitment to exhibiting both photography and textiles and so, to some extent, our programme has already been functioning as a junction beween the two practices.

This exhibition acts a meeting point for discussion and for developing the conversation between these two mediums.  Questioning the inter-section of photography and textiles is at the core of the show.  We ask; What is photography and what is textile?  Where is the middle ground?  What is different and what is similar?  What is acceptable to appropriate and what is acceptable to manipulate?

The exhibition explores connections, intersections, manipulations, materiality, sensuality, partnerships, reciprocity, conjoining and fusion and underneath it all whether in this digital age there is still a place for the sensory application of both the photographic and textile object.

Extract from the foreword of ‘Beyond Surface and material: the meeting point between photography and textiles’ © Rugby Art Gallery and Museum 2013

Image: © Marlene Little, Mem-or-y 2, 2013, Pigment digital print on linen ground

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