Sacred Things : A new commission by Liz Hingley

Sacred Things

Photographer and anthropologist Liz Hingley has collaborated with families who have recently moved to Coventry to capture the unique welcome that the city offers to newcomers, as well as the personal challenges they face in establishing new lives and new homes.

Presented within an intimate installation, the final series of images introduce the families as creative individuals eager to contribute to the city. Sacred Things explores the impact of ownership and the way that talents and skills translate and transform in new contexts.

Through workshops the group explored the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum’s collections to learn more about the people who have settled in Coventry throughout history and made it the culturally rich place that it is today.

The installation is due to open at The Herbert Museum & Art Gallery in December 2017.

This project was commissioned by GRAIN Projects and is generously supported by Arts Council England, Rubery Owen Trust, Coventry University and The Herbert Art Gallery.

Liz Hingley, Dressing for mosque, Soho road 2009. From the series Under Gods



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